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Additional Services

Our service is centred around maintaining the cleanliness of your home in a manner that suits you.  However, The Housekeeper has a lot more than just cleaning to offer you.  Below is an indication of the additional services we can offer you if you do not have the time or simply want to spend your time doing other things.  Remember, The Housekeeper is about making life easier and we would be happy to discuss the below or any other requirements with you.

Washing up / loading and unloading dishwasher

Don’t worry about having to rush to get the washing up done before you go off to work / go out for the day. Your Housekeeper can deal with this as part of your regular clean.


Leave us a pile of ironing and we’ll sort it for you – this can either be done as part of your regular clean or we can invoice you separately for the Housekeepers additional time (advance notice for large quantities may be required). Ironed items will be folded and placed away tidily, unless hangers are left for The Housekeeper to use. The Housekeeper will need to use your iron and ironing board whilst in your home.

Dry Cleaning

We’ll happily arrange your dry cleaning requirements, just leave your items out and we’ll take care of the rest and incorporate the cost in your invoice.

Clothes/bed linen laundered

We can put a laundry wash on whilst we are in your home and if the washing cycle finishes during our regular cleaning time we’ll be happy to hang it out (weather permitting)or pop it in the tumble dryer. If time permits, we’ll iron it, fold it and put it away too. (*there must be sufficient time during your regular clean to allow washing and drying cycles to complete, prior to ironing)

Bed making

We’ll happily strip off your used bedding and replace with your fresh linen during our visit. Our team are trained to make beds the old fashioned way (hospital corners), so your bed will look perfect and be ready for a good night’s sleep.  Alternatively, we can give the sheets a shake and remake it using the bed linen already on it.  Let us know what you would prefer.

Grocery shopping deliveries

Getting your weekly shop delivered from your supermarket certainly saves time, but unpacking it and putting it way is just another one of those chores that seems to take forever. Just arranged for your delivery to come during your regular visit from The Housekeeper and we’ll take receipt of it and ensure it’s all packed away (in the cupboards you’d expect it to be). Allow us to make your life that little bit easier.

Meal preparation

Something we are considering – please let us know what you think.  Would you be interested in this service and if so, what would we need to consider?  We’re not sure if this will be a fully prepared meal, vegetables peeled and chopped or something in between. However we proceed, we’ll make sure you always get a great service from a trained professional

Dog Walking/Animal Care

Don’t worry about your animals – we can also take care of them out whilst we are on our regular visit if you’d like us to.  This could be just a short walk for your dog, to stretch their legs and get some fresh air, or feeding the fish!  Whatever happens we can make sure there is food and water before we leave.

The above lists are just an indication of the services we can provide and are certainly not exhaustive.  If you have any specific requirements then your Housekeeper will be more than happy to help out.

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