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Deep Clean

Deep cleaning or ‘spring’ cleaning is really useful when you are moving home and have even less time than normal – we can clear up after you have moved out of your old home and prepare for you to move in to your new home.  We’ll even help you unpack the boxes.  We can also make sure your home is ready for your special arrival or when you intend to throw a party – we can get you ready for the big event and then pick up the pieces afterwards! We could even just come in to help with the dishes.

A deep clean include everything that we offer in a regular clean along with:

  • Washing walls
  • Cleaning and sanitising  inside kitchen cupboards
  • Vacuuming curtains / dusting blinds
  • Cleaning brass and silverware
  • Cleaning inside windows(we can arrange external window cleaning too)
  • Disinfecting / wiping down paintwork and skirting boards
  • Cleaning inside refrigerator and freezers(if defrosted)

The above lists are just an indication of the services we can provide and are certainly not exhaustive.  If you have any specific requirements then your Housekeeper will be more than happy to help out.

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